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Inventor Profile
Siuila Robinson live in the continental United States and found a practical solution for measuring. This invention was specifically geared towards activities such as measuring sugar, flour and other similar items. The inventor found an idea that allows for one cup measuring in packets. The inventor created this invention with the thought of allowing the most flexibility and efficiency as regards to measuring powder type items such as sugar or flour. Also considered was neatness and making the most of the desired measurements needed.
The problem facing the inventor was a struggle in stability and exact measuring. The creator of this product knew through practical experience that measuring powders was sometimes tedious and difficult.
The inventor understood that an invention could be forged to simplify the process of measuring accurately. This invention also adds more flexibility for the user and is designed to easily be used through common processes.
The invention and inventor used their practical knowledge and understanding of the product and process to solve a very common issue among general users, cooks and others that need to measure and use powders in cooking processes and food consumption.
The invention required practical materials and combined them in unique ways to improve an existing process. The inventor used their knowledge of the situation and applied a unique answer to a universal process.
This invention can be utilized domestically in the inventor’s home nation of the United States and North America. This invention and the inventor’s knowledge of the process can also be applied in other areas of the world including but not limited to: Europe, Asia, Australia/New Zealand, Africa, South America and other regions of the world that have a large portion of their population that spend time measuring and working through measurements for various activities.
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